Media Works

Media Planning and Buying is a science.…and we have the formula for automotive dealer advertising success.

Automotive Dealer Advertising Success

· Television/Radio Media placement
· Complete Manufacturer and CO-OP compliance
· Outdoor advertising selection and placement
· Newspaper display and classified placement

· Digital ad placement (PPC, Display, retargeting, Google Networks, You Tube)
· Qualitative research (Polk, Marshall, Claritose)
· Quantitative research (Nielsen/Arbitron)

Any auto advertising agency can buy spots or place ads, but it takes a strategic media plan and execution to maximize the return on investment for all your automotive marketing services. At M3 Autoworks, accountability is the key to everything we do. Proper planning, targeted consumers, leveraged buying and verification are standard practices with every media buy. We specialize in total car dealer advertising for small to midsized companies, because we believe in doing and delivering relevant messages to more potential customers for less.